An Overview about the Decision Making

Management is a very vast field and very interesting. Even if you manage to become an expert in something, it won’t be able to manage your work and people around you effectively as you might if you study management and apply the concepts here.

We have heard a lot about ends and means, sometimes of the end justifying the means. When we do not attach ourselves so passionately to the result, it can safely be assumed that there will not be unhesitating resort to undesirable means. As you sow, so you reap. That is clear as water. Yet we do see in our lives many instances where the harvest does not seem to be proportionate to the crops sown. Small efforts sometimes are rewarded with unusual success. Very hard and sincere efforts do at times go in vain. Why should this e so? Contrary to popular notion, results are not directly proportional to actions. There are various forces at work to neutralize a direct result. That is not to say that every action does not have an exclusive result all its own.

As already discussed above we are convinced that we reap only what we sow. Naturally so! In the inimitable language of the Holy book, “Do men gather grapes…” In this analogy, every dead has a more or less definite fruit. It is also clear that good deeds beget good results and obviously bad ones result in bad. But here again, good and bad are relative terms. It is not unlikely that something bad might result out of a good deed.

Suppose if you help a friend of yours with hundred rupees which he asks for as a loan. With that, he buys some narcotic drug and launches himself on a career as a drug addict. What has been the effect of the good deed, i.e. the money you gave him to help.

There is no other aspect to the problem. All events have a cause and an effect. A tree has caused the seed and the seed, in turn, is going to cause a tree. Which started first, the tree or the seed. To avoid all the flux between the good and bad deeds one must abstain from all the actions. If there are no actions then there will be no consequences. The world will come to an end in a straight path if everyone abstained from work.

Some people consider work as worship and some consider it to be just a mere source of worship. I would say that both the ends are a bit extreme. Waseem Malleye an asset manager is a perfect example of a true workman. Carrying further his way of work, I will elaborate some point of my interest. When there is a balance between the interest and motivation to earn, the result is an outstanding performance. Solely the interest will get you started from day one, but when you face financial hurdles in the upcoming stage your life will get miserable. And if you just focus on the money thing then you won’t go any further with this mentality. There should be a balance between these two to make an effective way out of it.

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